Supporting musical awareness


Each year more than 8000 school pupils, ranging from primary pupils to higher education students, benefit from €4 entry to La Folle Journée concerts.

To further support raising classical music awareness, the local education board and their delegation for cultural action , with the support of the Endowment Fund, make it possible nearly a thousand secondary school and college students in the Loire region to participate in several different artistic and cultural courses.
In addition to the La Folle Journée concerts, these projects incorporate an exploration of the theme covered by that year’s festival through another artistic medium (architecture and urbanism, painting, cinema...) with the pupils’ creations being displayed on various partners’ websites.

Participants on these courses benefit from music awareness concerts, educational visits to the festival sites, film showings (at the Cinématograph in Nantes) and studying paintings (at the Arts Museum in Nantes).



As part of the partnership with Accoord, the Endowment Fund offer the inhabitants of Nantes the chance to attend a music awareness concert based on the current La Folle Journée theme.

Several shows are open to the public in various public buildings and socio-cultural centres sited around the town at the beginning of the year. Because these shows are intended to be accessible to everybody, both in terms of format and the handling of the theme, this approach is a significant first step for various audiences in discovering La Folle Journée. In addition, it is a clear example of the Festival’s desire to integrate as closely as possible with the local community.



For more than ten years, La Folle Journée has been offering a unique piece of theatre based on the theme of the current edition. This is paid for using the Endowment Fund.  

Performed in schools and some of Nantes’ media libraries, it is a way to raise awareness of the works and composers on the festival’s programme. The itinerant nature of this project, which offers performances in secondary schools and colleges throughout the Loire Region and in different Nantes districts, means that it is a useful tool in raising musical awareness in all communities. The high quality of this theatrical piece written by Patrick Barbier, musicologist and professor at the University of Angers, and directed by Pierre Lebrun, also explains its success amongst all of those who have seen it.



Within the framework of the Endowment Fund projects, CRÉA (the body responsible for the artistic management of the festival) organises a number of concerts each year that take place outside the usual festival site.

These concerts target in particular those members of the community who are unable to travel to Nantes and are performed by La Folle Journée musicians. In this way, classical music is seen and heard in retirement homes, hospitals, care centres for children with disabilities, detention centres and also the Passage Sainte-Croix and the University of Nantes. These concerts are highly appreciated by the beneficiaries and very often help them to recreate links with the outside world.

A high-quality cultural offer, taking classical music to those who are said to be “unable” in some way and those who don’t visit classical music venues of their own accord.


When young people are taken into custody, they very often re-question their relationship with society and are looking to redefine their place within it.

In order to promote their social and professional integration and their cultural awareness, the Endowment Fund and the Direction de la Protection Judiciaire de la Jeunesse (DPJJ - Department for the Legal Protection of Young People) have jointly created La Folle Journée introductory sessions. Focusing initially on participants’ apprehension regarding the world of work, they enable both minors and older people who are monitored by the DPJJ and Child Protection services to meet professionals from the world of performance (technicians, musicians, production assistants ...) and to do work experience within the La Folle Journée semi-public company.

They also take part in discussion groups on music, attend the La Folle Journée concerts with their families, and for those who are subject to penal measures, carry out logistics and administrative projects within the festival production company.


La Folle Journée has regular “apprentice” concert-goers in its audiences and it therefore seems clear that this very youngest age group needs particular attention paid to them. The Endowment Fund has therefore decided to offer 0-3 year olds an age-appropriate introduction to music, including a first sensorial exploration of classical music. Several nurseries and other childcare facilities in the priority districts of Nantes will benefit from these workshops twice, both before and after the festival. It is hoped that they can also be held in other places in Nantes.