Professional Reintegration


La Folle Journée is committed via the Endowment Fund to the professional reintegration of young people. It will be renewing its partnership with the École de la Deuxième Chance de l’Estuaire de la Loire (Loire Estuary Second Chance School) for the fifth consecutive year. Projects are offered to approximately ten participants. These projects are integrated into their courses and allow them to benefit from concrete professional experience and to gain an insight into the world of performance. Centred around communication, marketing and outreach work, these projects are an opportunity for these young people to acquire new skills, thereby maximising their chances of success in their personal professional projects.



Each year, the Endowment Fund benefits from the services of the Job Plan scheme, piloted by Léo Lagrange Ouest, during the La Folle Journée festival. Several dozen young people aged 16 to 21 from the target districts in Nantes are paid for two and a half hours to run projects during the festival period. These projects include logistics and welcoming visiting groups, most notably school groups. Above and beyond the insight gained into festival organisation, they also learn about classical music and how to deal with each other in a professional artistic environment.


Keen to support actions that further the greater good, the Endowment Fund has welcomed civil service volunteers working on cultural mediation projects over the last few years. Fully integrated into the festival team, these young people take part in the coordination of cultural actions oriented around La Folle Journée, thereby acquiring new skills and a solid network of contacts. This experience is also an opportunity for them to define their own personal professional project or to spend a few months working as a volunteer to promote equal access to culture.